Therapy dog certification


Greyt Therapy provides the following certifications through Helping Paws International. Greyt Therapy owner and dog teams are certified instead of registered.

Certification Levels

To encourage continuing education and recognize our teams who go above and beyond, Helping Paws has several advancing certification levels based on hours worked and additional training classes. Certification levels are identified on their dogs tags and ID badges and the service hours are identified by one star badge for each 25 hours.

Associate of the Arts in Therapy and/or Assistance Dog Work, HP-CTD/A.A. or HP-CTD/AD-A.A

                        0 – 50 Helping Paws service hours

Bachelor of Science in Therapy and/or Assistance Dog Work, HP-CTD/B.S. or HP-CTD/AD-B.S

                        51 – 200 Helping Paws service hours

Masters of Science in Therapy and/or Assistance Dog Work, HP-CTD/M.S. or HP-CTD/AD-M.S

                        201 – 350 Helping Paws service hours

Doctorate of Philosophy in Therapy and/or Assistance Dog Work, HP-CTD/Ph.D. or HP-CTD/AD-Ph.D

                        351+ Helping Paws service hours

Therapy Greyhounds

Our therapy greyhounds and their owner-handlers visit  facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers, rehabilitation centers, schools, summer camps, mental health centers, domestic abuse shelters, hospice homes, and daycare centers for all ages to help people cope with illness, loss, depression and loneliness.

B.A.R.K.S. Book Buddies

A therapy animal reading-assistance program to help children improve their learning and reading readiness and for adults with traumatic brain injuries to learn to read again.  The program also builds self-esteem, a love for reading and  teaches pet safety, pet care, along with  interpersonal communication skills.

Service/Assistance Greyhounds

We understand that not everyone who needs a service dog can afford one. So, in locations where we have our full training program, we will accept a person and their personal dog (if qualified) to train along side of our teams at no charge or whatever they afford. Then we work on the special additional skills their assistance dog might need.  Limit 2 per training class.

Team Training & Community Speaker Programs

Our Programs/Classes:

1) Helping Paws G.O.O.D. (Gem of Obedience Dog) Class, Test, and Certification

           HP trains and Tests for Public Access Obedience

2) AKC-Canine Good Citizen Class, Test and Certificate

3) Helping Paws Therapy Animal Class, Test, and Certification

4) B.A.R.K.S. Book Buddies Literacy-Assistance Animal Class, Test, and Certification

5) Assistance and/or PTSD Dog Training, Test, and Certification

6) Dog Safety Presentations

7) Treating Animals Humanely Presentations

8) Rescue Group Volunteer and New Owner Training:  Basic Obedience, Dog Body Language, and New Dog Introductions

9) Animal Behavioral Consulting

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