GreytTherapy of Raleigh was started in the spring 2000 by owners of rescued racing greyhounds and is the all greyhound division of Helping Paws International. These gentle, loving creatures, which are used to being handled constantly on the racetrack are well suited to a pet therapy program.


GreytTherapy is an all-volunteer organization composed of retired, rescued, racing greyhounds and their adopters. Our goal is to provide pet therapy to those in a variety of healthcare and crisis centers in our community while showing the people what wonderful, loving, gentle, compassionate dogs the retired racing greyhounds are. We also provide reading assistance greyhounds for literacy, and on a limited basis service/assistance dogs.

We hope to show that the retired racing greyhound has value after its racing career has ended and can make a contribution to its community as a pet therapist and service dog.

Greyt Therapy was organized to bring moments of joy, love, and a smile to the faces of those who are lonely, suffering pain, limited by handicaps or confined by age, by providing them with the limitless, unconditional love and acceptance that only a pet can give; while also offering them human companionship, hope & conversation.

We also support animal rescue.

Helping Paws International/Greyt Therapy is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit/charitable organization.

Exhausted student takes a nap with Dazzle after exams.

Two princesses discuss the status of the kingdom.

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